Ego Powerplus, the first company to bring high voltage battery lawnmower a to Australia, has just upped their game.

Available for some time in the USA, but just released here, their new 52cm self propelled mower is a leap ahead of their earlier offering, and on paper at least (I haven’t got my hands on one to test yet) a leap ahead of the competition as well.

As far as I am aware, this is the first self propelled battery mower on the Australian market, and is also the widest cut that I know of in a battery push mower available in Australia.

It also has a 7.5 Ah battery which blitzes the previous 4 Ah offering and is a jump on AEG’s 4Ah batteries.

EGO claim a 50 minute run time with the 7.5 Ah battery which sounds quite plausible to me. I routinely get 40-50 minutes on a 4Ah battery with the AEG mower I use daily in my work, which is an 18″ cut compared to the Ego 21″ cut and also the drain of the self drive motor.

The new mower is also available in a non self propelled variant which ships with a 5Ah battery, and the original 49cm mower is still available.

The new self propelled mower retails for $999 with the 7.5Ah battery included as well as the rapid charger which charges the big battery in around an hour.

If you want the push version, that comes with the rapid charger also, but a 5Ah battery which charges faster naturally. Run time should be similar without the self propulsion energy draw to worry about.

The larger battery can also be ordered as an extra on the other models of mower, and is interchangeable across the entire EGO range of tools which includes a blower, line trimmer, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw.