Well, I haven’t updated this page in a while…life has got in the way, with work and helping to start a new business I just haven’t had the time!

It has now been just over 6 months since I sold my beloved Mitsubishi i MiEV…

Why did I sell it?

Well it wasn’t because I didn’t like it!

We had moved to a rural village which was further from town. Hypermile as I might, there was no way to get into the city and back on one charge. I was reaching town with 40-45% battery left, and I had to find a charging opportunity to make it home. This was not insurmountable, but was annoying.

Secondly I found myself unavoidably doing nearly all of my driving in the work vehicle, a Hilux. The i MiEV wouldn’t tow my trailer or hold my tools so I was left with no choice.

The poor i MiEV found itself sitting in the driveway going nowhere most of the time, and I could no longer justify the expense of keeping a depreciating asset and paying registration and insurance on something that was not getting used…so very reluctantly I decided to sell it.

I found a lovely couple to take it on, who live off grid on solar and micro hydro power. I couldn’t be happier with its new owners. They plan to fit a new battery pack to rejuvenate it back to full range, and use the old pack as extra storage in their off grid house.

I owned the i MiEV for a little over two years and drove over 40,000 kilometres in it. Mine was the 2010 model, so its batteries were among the oldest in any i MiEV in Australia. I also used it hard, living at the edge of its range and very frequently cycling the batteries below 20% charge while always charging it right to the top every day. This is the worst case scenario for a battery EV, basically equivalent to starting your petrol car from cold each morning and driving straight onto the freeway at full speed….basically I was the sort of person who wouldn’t normally be buying an EV and would push it to the edge of the envelope. Even so, when I sold it on the batteries were still almost 80% of their new capacity…putting the lie to predictions like Jeremy Clarkson’s comment that EV owners would need to replace their batteries every 3 years! If I wasn’t living so far out of town it wouldn’t have been an issue…and if I lived in the city I would never have noticed any drop at all!

So…what’s next?

Well, I won’t be EV free for very long…

My needs are for a work ute as my primary vehicle, and we have a family need for a people mover. Neither are available as EV in Australia yet…so a conversion (or two!) will be on the horizon! The world of EVs is fast changing, but I have been doing my research on what components I want to use and I have a rough outline of a plan……. There is a very good chance that I will do a simpler conversion first, and to that end I have available to me a very nice motorcycle with an engine that didn’t like being pushed beyond redline…the cost of repair was more than the value of the bike so I will most likely electrify that first as a practice run before the greater expense of a ute or people mover conversion.