So… did a confirmed petrol head wind up being an electric car fanatic?

i grew up in the bush, son of an early Holden enthusiast, total car tragic and petrol head….with a passion for engineering.

When I was about ten years old or thereabouts, I read an article in Popular Mechanics about the General Motors concept car IMPACT. I fell in love…

I watched the whole saga unfold with the IMPACT morphing into the production EV1, then the sad tragedy that was the recall and crushing of these lovely beasts…

I read every book the library had on electric cars, conversions, anything I could lay my hands on.

When I got internet access I trawled the web for anything to do with EVs.

When the first EV hit the Australian market I drove the demonstrator, and wished I had the $50,000 plus that it cost. Then I drove a Leaf, and was now a fully confirmed EV addict.

Picking up my new i MiEV, with only 375 km on the clock!
Picking up my new i MiEV, with only 375 km on the clock!

When the chance came to buy a 2010 Mitsubishi i MiEV demonstrator for less than $20,000 I leaped at the chance, and I have driven electric ever since… My wife drove it and was addicted at once, so she tracked down and bought a demonstrator as well, the updated 2012 model. Ever since we have been spreading the word and signing up fresh addicts to the EV fold!